GutenBookPress is brand new.  Expect growing pains.  But reap the rewards of loyalty by being here at the beginning!

Why should you buy from GutenBookPress?

1. We aren’t Amazon.  Support small businesses!

2. We have can accept purchases using crypto!  Take that, Big Tech!

3. One of the ways we provide value is by offering payment options not allowed by the big retailers.  See #2 above.  However, one thing we can do that is available right now is accepting payments by check.  See the FAQ below.

4. More TBA.


1. What is your Return/Refund Policy?

In anticipation of accepting crypto-currencies, returns and refunds are not possible–except if the item is damaged.  Photographic proof will be required.  Refunds may or may not be distributed in the same currency the payment was received in.

Bottom line:  don’t buy a book to see if you’re going to want it.  Buy what you already know you want.

2.  Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Not yet.  The U.S. will be rolled out first, then Canada, and then other possibilities will be explored.  There is no timeline.

3. Can I buy a book through you that does not seem to be on your site, yet?

Very possible.  Please use our submission form and provide the ISBN.  We will look it up and see if we can get it for you.  Make sure you give us a working email address.

4.  Are bulk rates available?

Yes.  This is in development.

5.  Can I buy using a check?

At this point, yes.  Print off your completed order.  Make sure the order number is included.  Send the check and the printed order to:

Greenwood WI 54437

6. What is the timeline/speed of delivery?

GutenBookPress taps into technical developments that allow books to be printed only after they are ordered, and shipped immediately after being printed.  By not having a warehouse, we can afford to be nimble in our offerings.  Book tech, not big tech!

That means, however, that once the order is placed, a day or so is needed for the book to be printed and shipped.  Note:  this is only done once the payment clears, whether it is by check, credit card, or crypto.

To keep prices down, books are shipped via ‘media mail.’

To sum up, given the time it takes a payment to clear, the book to print, and the shipping method, a book might take 7-10 days to arrive.

We reserve the right to break up the order and ship the books separately if we believe that will speed up the process, so you may receive two separate shipments.

7.  Do you have ebooks?

We will.

8.  Do you provide incentives for authors and publishers to make GutenBookPress their home?


9. Why do the books cost so much?

You mean, why do they cost retail? (We don’t charge more than the publisher’s own recommended retail price!) We aren’t Amazon.  We can’t afford to only make 25 cents on a sale and make it up on volume.  We hope to provide value in other ways, however, that Amazon is too big to attempt. Also note that you can always get a discount by participating at Gutenbookpress’s official social media platform, cornertable.us. We have other ideas on how to give you a better bang for your buck, too. Stay tuned.

10. What about the Crypto payments?

Accepting crypto currencies for the purchase of books would be a Gutenbookpress exclusive. There are some considerations, however, which crypto-users should already be familiar with, such as converting from crypto to USD in order to complete the order. This is something we look forward to doing, but is not yet ready to implement.