Sam Pakan

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Sam Pakan is the author of Jesse’s Seed.  He lives in Texas, where he raises cattle and debt.

COMING SOON: A Bed in Sheol!

About Jesse’s Seed:

Cover of Jesse's Seed by Sam PakanIt’s autumn, 1941. The Nazis have fired on the USS Greer; London is ablaze, and the streets of Leningrad are red with blood. Still, David Dremmer is content to work his father’s ranch and dream of his best friend’s wife. When the United States finally enters the war, David escapes his father’s disappointment and a loveless marriage by enlisting in the Air Corps. His choice proves fateful. His B-17 is shot down over Belgium. Now he is in the hands of the Nazis, and a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues as Second Lieutenant David Dremmer wages a private war with the Luftwaffe, the Wehrmacht, and his own conscience to save the life of a beautiful Resistance operative. It’s then he discovers that the weakness that has kept him from his dreams is, in fact, the key to becoming who he was born to be. An award-winning, lyrical novel, Jesse’s Seed explores the power of choice, finality, love, and redemption.

A Bed in Sheol:

Available in late 2023 or early 2024! interviews Sam Pakan, the author of “Jesse’s Seed” and an upcoming book called “A Bed in Sheol.” See video below.


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