Michael Zarling

Michael Zarling is the author of Resisting the Dragon’s Beast: What if God’s Servant of the Government Behaves Like Satan’s Servant?  Officially available on April 2nd, but available on GutenBookPress, NOW!


Michael Zarling is the husband of Shelley Zarling of almost 30 years. Together they have four beautiful daughters – Abigail, Miriam, Lydia, and Gabrielle. Michael has been a pastor for over 25 years in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. He is currently the pastor of Water of Life Lutheran Church – a multi-site ministry in Racine and Caledonia, WI.

Michael has received his heavenly Father’s name on his forehead in his baptism. He is eagerly awaiting the return of the King of kings to finish the Red Dragon’s terror with his two beasts. Michael is also an avid bicyclist, reader, writer, Star Wars fan, and connoisseur of all things geeky. Now he is also the author of his first book, Resisting the Dragon’s Beast: What if God’s Servant of the Government Behaves Like Satan’s Servant?.

Book Description:

In 2020 and the years following, various governments imposed lockdowns, mandates, restrictions, and more. Scripture teaches that Christian citizens submit to their governing authorities as God’s servant in Romans 13, respect authorities in the 4th Commandment, and give to Caesar what is Caesar’s from the words of Jesus.

Scripture also teaches that Christian citizens are not to give to Caesar what does not belong to Caesar, that they have personal responsibility first to God, family, and neighbors according to the other Commandments, and that the persecuting government can behave as Satan’s servant in Revelation 13.

A vocation of governing authorities is to curb the sinful nature of their citizens, so they behave as God’s servants. A vocation of Christian citizens is to curb the sinful natures of governing authorities, so they behave as God’s servants, and not Satan’s servants. To fulfill this vocation, Christian citizens may – and sometimes must – question, doubt, debate, and even resist their governing authorities. This is a unique role that Christians have as they make difficult and challenging decisions of serving God as citizens in his heavenly and earthly kingdoms.

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