Publish With Us: Traditionally

“The team at APG and Gutenbookpress has been a delight to work with and helpful at every turn. I’m grateful both for their insights and the regard they’ve shown for my objectives. I highly recommend them.” — Sam Pakan, author of the award-winning Jesse’s Seed and the upcoming title, Bed of Sheol.

GutenBookPress is interested in your manuscript!

However, there are some important caveats. We’ve been around the block a few times, so there are some things we consider:

1., Is the title already edited? We generally don’t edit titles, and prefer to take them as they are.

2. Does the author have a large following, online and/or offline? We want to see a ready audience that is at least 5,000 people strong. By ‘ready’ we mean the author has easy access to them to put the book in front of them for consideration. The larger the ‘built-in’ audience, the more interested we are in your manuscript!

3. GutenBookPress does not pay author advances.

Benefits of working through GutenBookPress:

Our team has experience working with multiple authors and distributing titles across multiple platforms.

The platform offers us the ability to feature and promote our affiliated authors above and beyond what Amazon can offer authors.

GutenbookPress is one imprint out of several that operates in association with Athanatos Publishing Group. Each imprint offers certain advantages, depending on the manuscript. For example, a Christian author might want to be released under the flagship APG imprint. A textbook author might prefer the Suzeteo Enterprise imprint. An edgy author might want the Taciturn Pipe Press imprint. Note: Gutenbookpress reserves the right to make the final determination on such issues, although the author is consulted.

The minimum royalty is 20% on net profit. A very generous ‘bulk’ discount is available which lets authors buy their own book at 40-50% off of the retail price.  This allows authors to sell their own book to their own connections at a significant profit.

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