The Sea-Wolf


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Humphrey Van Weyden is rescued by the cruel and nihilistic captain ‘Wolf’ Larsen. Humphrey’s body, spirt, and ideology are challenged while living at the edge of survival.


Humphrey Van Weyden is a domesticated and meek man with a cushy job as a literary critic, spending his moments reflecting on his own essays and the writings of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer. While sailing aboard a ferry, the ship is destroyed in a collision, sending him adrift. He is rescued by a man who goes by ‘Wolf’ Larsen, a cruel, nihilistic captain of an antiquated schooner who represents the Nietzschean ideal-beautiful, strong, and individualistic-without the humanity. The driving zeitgeist of Larsen’s life is his vengeful rivalry with his brother, aptly called ‘Death.’ Humphrey’s body, spirt, and ideology are challenged and remolded as he faces constant abuse and the insidious nature of his new captain. When a beautiful but delicate castaway woman is picked up by Larsen, the dynamic of the crew is irretrievably altered. Humphrey’s relationship with the woman finally completes his spiritual journey. Written by acclaimed American author Jack London of The Call of the Wild fame, The Sea-Wolf is emblematic of the great ideological struggles of the early 20th century and offers insight into the debates of the time, as well as the debates of today.

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