Return to Pre-Sale! The GutenBuck!

Getting Started with the GutenBuck

So you want to get on the GutenBuck train but know nothing about the process… you’ve come to the right place. The first thing you’ll need is a ‘wallet.’ A very popular wallet is the Phantom Wallet. It will integrate with your browser. Another option is the MetaMask wallet.

[To participate in the pre-sale using US dollars, go here. Note, you will still need a wallet.]

Don’t be put off by the term ‘wallet.’ Just think of it like a cloud file storage system except that it only holds your digital currencies. Installing one of the two wallets listed above is safe and supported by large communities. If you prefer to use one or both of those platforms using your smart phone, you can do that as well.

The GutenBuck token lives on the Solana blockchain. During the pre-sale phase, you will be asked to send $SOL (Solana) to the GutenBuck central wallet, which is here:

3MM6FPH2W7fdFgnpvavaFHrGB4ZYRiQhXNjcnauPTN6w Send SOL 3MM6FPH2W7fdFgnpvavaFHrGB4ZYRiQhXNjcnauPTN6w 3MM6FPH2W7fdFgnpvavaFHrGB4ZYRiQhXNjcnauPTN6w [Click for QR if using a wallet on your phone]

You can also go through our site shopping cart, which is necessary if you want to receive communications and rewards and so on.

To send SOL you will first have to buy SOL. The two wallets listed above have mechanisms for purchasing SOL (and other digital currencies). The current value of 1 SOL as of this writing is $180. You can buy as much or as little SOL as you want. The minimum amount of SOL you must send to the wallet above to participate in the pre-sale is .25 SOL, or approximately $40-$50.

The process of sending SOL to our address is the same as sending a coin to any other address. However, to ensure you receive GutenBucks after release, be sure to send only SOL!

Using the Phantom wallet to illustrate… the icon will be in your toolbar somewhere… this screen will show up, and you will click on “Send”:

Click on SEND (after you’ve funded the wallet)

Select the desired coin; probably, Solana.

This is where you put the address and the amount to send…

You have a final opportunity to confirm your decision.

ALWAYS copy/paste the wallet address. If you error in the address even slightly, the coin will be lost forever.

Note, if you scan the QR code on your phone, it automatically populates the wallet address, which is one advantage of going that route.

After the Pre-Sale conditions have been met (ie, GutenBookPress has received enough $SOL or $USD to proceed with the launch of the coin), you will be ‘air dropped’ the GutenBuck coin into your wallet using the very same Solana address you used to send the SOL in the first place.

After all the air drops have been completed, the coin will go ‘live’ to the world, available to be bought and sold on crypto-currency markets anywhere. We recommend and/or but there are others. These sites make it easy to connect your wallet to their platforms in order to make transactions.

Once you have received your GutenBucks, you are free to do with them as you please: buy more, sell them on the market, or use them at to buy products!

Note: just remember that if/when you sell some/all of your GutenBucks on a marketplace, it will have the effect of driving the value of the crypto-currency down, in the same way that selling a stock send the price of it down. You may wish to be strategic in order to make the most profit from your GutenBucks.

But remember, no matter what happens with the price of a GutenBuck, it will ALWAYS be accepted for transactions here on!