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Gutenbookpress Digital Coin Phase 2

PHASE 2., once this coin has achieved a level of price stability, will begin making available physical products. At that point, the coin should safely be convertible into SOL without hurting the value of the digital coin significantly. From there, it can be converted from SOL into USD to complete the transaction.

In PHASE 2, the goal is to accept the Gutenbookpress coin in exchange for physical products.

Because token prices can be erratic, it is necessary for the value of the coin to be somewhat stable.  Both customers and retailers risk being harmed if the value of the coin moves dramatically shortly after the transaction. The following considerations will be examined and tested for phase 2.

1., Establishment of a metric for evaluating when the coin is stable ‘enough.’ For example, it might be determined that if the coin’s value does not fluctuate more than 5% up or down over the course of 3 days, it would be deemed ‘safe’ for physical transactions.

2. Products available for purchase on the site using the token will be ones that can absorb the shock of an acceptable volatility range, as determined in step 1. It may need to remain in this experimental stage for an extended period of time.